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10 Real Estate Deal Killers- How to Avoid them
1. Fixtures
2. The ex disagrees
3.Buyers buy New Stuff
4.Failure to disclose
5.There’s no appraisal- or it’s late
6.Unclear Property Boundaries
7.There are no permits
8.Surprising inspection Results
9.The lender changes the rules
10.Some banks dont care about seller or buyer timelines.

So what can you do to avoid these? Have an experience and educated Realtor. At Select Realty you have both of best worlds.

Our office has over 50 plus years’ experience and two of our Brokers have taught real estate school, showing their knowledge and love of real estate education.

Give us a call today to discuss selling or buying a home or land. We want to help YOUR DREAMS BECOME A REALITY!


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