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10 Real Estate Deal Killers- How to Avoid them 1. Fixtures 2. The ex disagrees 3.Buyers buy New Stuff 4.Failure to disclose 5.There’s no appraisal- or it’s late 6.Unclear Property Boundaries 7.There are no permits 8.Surprising inspection Results 9.The lender changes the rules 10.Some banks dont care about seller or buyer timelines. So what can… Continued

March 27, 2018

Closing Costs Explained

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Closing Disclosure sample Closing Costs Explained There are costs associated with purchasing a home. Check out a sample Closing Disclosure, which outlines terms and costs of your transaction. Here’s a review of many of the common fees. Origination: The fee the lender and any mortgage broker charges the borrower for making the mortgage loan. Origination… Continued

March 21, 2018